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Tao Blessing System for Unbalanced Emotions

The Tao Blessing System for Unbalanced Emotions targets unbalanced emotions and strengthen their corresponding emotions. This blessing is beneficial for self-management of depression, anxiety, etc.  $200.00 minimum for each chosen emotion.

Blessing choices include:

Tao Soul Light Blessing for one unbalanced emotion or the strengthening of the corresponding balanced emotion.

Unbalanced emotions addressed include:

  • Anger
  • Depression, Anxiety or Excitability
  • Worry
  • Grief or sadness
  • Fear

During your session we will set the foundation for improving your chosen emotion. We do this in two ways:

Spiritual Light Wall (for emotional area of choice)

The purpose of the Spiritual Light Wall blessing is to aid in the prevention of the recurrence of resolved blockages in a given area.

Tao Jin Dan (for balanced emotion of choice)

The Tao Jin Dan blessing strengthens and balances the emotion that corresponds to the unbalanced emotion.

  • Patience instead of (anger)
  • Joy instead of (depression, anxiety excitability)
  • Love instead of (worry)
  • Courage instead of (grief or sadness)
  • Calmness instead of (fear)

For medical guidance regarding health challenges, please consult with a medical doctor or a healthcare professional.

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