Calling All Souls: Join hearts and souls together. Love Peace and Harmony.


Are you ready to experience more love, peace and harmony in your life?

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My name is Mary Anne Melvin, and I’m a Master Teacher and Soul Practitioner. As the founder of Soul Light Healing Montana, I’m committed to bringing sacred wisdom and love to all souls. And I believe a powerful way to do this is through soul healing. I’d love to help you identify the root cause of your challenges and guide you through a healing process that results in a healthier, happier YOU!

About Soul Healing

Your soul, the essence of who you are, can heal your mind and body. Every cell, every organ, and every system in your body has a unique essence. You have the power to send a new message to your mind and body to activate healing.

Soul healing is not about religion; it is about spirituality. It does not require that you connect with any particular religious teaching. Spirituality is universally harmonious and encompasses all spiritual teachers, nature, and beings. It assumes the oneness of all of life—past, present, and future. Most importantly, at its most mature, it is marked by the knowledge of our connection to everyone and everything and possesses a powerful love and respect for all of creation.

More and more souls are awakening to the calling. They feel Mother Earth’s transitions – and that is what I am here for – to help with the transition. Souls can feel the pain in Mother Earth. They can feel the pain in people. They are experiencing their own pain and dis-ease. Souls are seeing and feeling relational and financial disturbances. These disruptions often result from physical, emotional, or soul blockages.

Fortunately, soul healing offers relief and a modality that can lead to healing and a more joyous and abundant life. A qualified and seasoned practitioner can help identify the source(s) of soul distress and outline an appropriate healing plan.

Soul Light Healing’s practices are rooted in ancient wisdom that one can apply today. It’s simple. It’s real. It’s powerful. It’s a Heavenly gift. And it’s rooted in your love for yourself and others.

Who Can Benefit From Soul Healing?

Whether you’re at the beginning of your soul-expanding journey, like I was, more spiritually mature, a healing arts practitioner, or a conscious soul committed to helping others, Soul Light Healing offers services designed to guide you through the healing/or spiritual growth process. Soul light healing is just as effective for a beloved pet who might be suffering.

Getting Started

A consultation marks the beginning of your Soul Light Healing experience. There are many modalities of soul work and many excellent practitioners whose purpose is to assist others in this life-changing work. During your session, we’ll determine if our souls are in alignment. While I believe that Soul Light Healing’s offerings are among the best available, only you can determine if this is your best path.

I welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and your goals. In your consultation, I’ll provide information regarding the many proven practices, techniques, blessings, and modalities that have changed my life and helped my clients. If what you hear resonates with you, we’ll outline a customized plan designed to meet your healing and spiritual goals.

It’s that easy.  

Are you ready to experience more love, peace, and harmony? Are you looking forward to having a cup so overflowing with love that you have an abundance to pour out over your loved ones and into a world that desperately needs more of what really matters? Then let’s connect and begin this leg of your soul journey. I’d be blessed to be your guide. I can’t wait to meet you!

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