Calling All Souls: Join hearts and souls together. Love Peace and Harmony.

About Me

The Soul Knows What It Needs


Hello Dear Souls,

Like many of you, I have experienced the frustrations and dis-ease that are a natural part of our earthly existence. Excruciating emotional pain, devastating losses, deep sadness, and despair marked my journey to greater love, peace, and harmony.

In 1996,  I lost the three most important people in my life. This list included my mother, who was my best friend. I felt an indescribable brokenness and could feel my heart and soul close. I was spiritually, emotionally, and in a sense, physically dead.

Fortunately, Heaven had other plans for me. Attending a retreat in Eureka, Montana, began a blessed journey. For days, I immersed myself in spiritual books and tapes. One teacher so resonated with me that I listened to him for days. I knew that I had to meet this Spiritual Father.

I ended up on a retreat waiting list of 500 people. I remember telling the reservationist, “if Heaven wants me there, Heaven will get me there.” Four days later, Heaven moved, and I was in Chicago. It was the beginning of the reawakening of my soul, my spirituality, and my connections to Heaven and Earth.

 When I returned, I knew I was on a healing path but didn’t know what to do next. I was given the opportunity to get on a call with Master Sha. For reasons unknown to me, I felt resistance. Thirty seconds before the call started, I said, “Okay, I better get on this call.” They introduced Master Sha, and I felt my soul jump for the first time. The soul knows what it needs.

I know the power of soul healing intimately. In 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer of the parotid gland. Subsequently, they would find cancer in my lungs and groin.

When Master Sha learned of my illness, he offered me a blessing and a calligraphy that I needed to trace for two hours a day. I made the personal decision to pass on medical intervention. I did nothing. No chemo. No radiation. No medicines. I even passed on Traditional Chinese Medicines. I never had to stop working. Today, as a result of my soul work and faith in the process, I am in remission and am living proof that you can heal yourself by healing the soul!

From 2009 until today, I have worked with Master Sha. I’ve invested countless study hours and undergone intensive purification and spiritual testing to become a Master Teacher. I have been blessed with profound abilities for healing. I can offer Crown Chakra Blessings, Thousand Hands/Thousand Eyes Chakra Blessings, and many other blessings that have had amazing outcomes.

I believe everything has a soul–from the parts of your body to your relationships and finances. That is why I work at the soul level. It is the root of all spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. The result is a life truly filled with love, peace, and harmony.

I’m so glad our souls connected.

Mary Anne MelvinNamaste,


Mary Anne