Calling All Souls: Join hearts and souls together. Love Peace and Harmony.

Tao Soul Song Blessing

Dear ones, to open one's heart can be a painful experience. It requires that you surrender, trust, and release all beliefs and ideas that have kept you protected and safe. The moment we realize that it is our beliefs and mindsets keeping us isolated, lonely, scared and fearful can we begin to understand how important it is to open our hearts

Without our hearts opened we are disconnected from each other and the Divine. To open our hearts and souls is to surrender and trust in the soul. Is it scary yes, but take the time and ask yourselves: Do I feel loved, happy, full of joy, full of love and compassion for myself and all souls or do I feel isolated, depressed, fearful, and lacking love, compassion and joy in my life. Once you recognize that it is our beliefs, mindsets and attitudes that keep us from feeling love, compassion, light and joy in our life, will you know the importance of opening our hearts and becoming one with all souls?

So join me in listening to Tao Soul Song Blessing so that we may transform our blockages and open our hearts and become one.

Dear My Beloved Master Sha, please bless all souls that listen to this Tao Song to open our hearts further and further. Helps us to release our mindsets and blockages that prevent us from opening our hearts. We are very grateful.