Calling All Souls: Join hearts and souls together. Love Peace and Harmony.


Join us to make real positive changes and transform your life! The Soul Mind Body Health and Wellness Workshop offers a unique way to develop inner and outer resources for better health and well-being.  
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Who want to experience love, peace and harmony in their lives. Do you want to nourish your soul and find inner peace and joy? Have you longed to connect with your soul and that of the Divine.  Mothers do you want to bring love peace and harmony to your children, family and homes? Do you...
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Soulfulness is a state achieved by focusing on the soul and nourishing it through ancient wisdom and practical techniques. The state of soulfulness is a step beyond mindfulness, a mental state achieved by focusing on the present moment through meditation and other training. Over the last 20 years, Master Sha has traveled the world, sharing...
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